GC-I³ Young Academy

The GC-I³ early career initiative for doctoral students and postdocs

The GC-I³ Young Academy is an initiative for all early career researchers interested in the focus areas of the GC-I³. It emerged in April 2022 from the GC-I³ working group on networking and mentorship. The GC-I³ Young Academy aims to support medical and scientific PhD students and, in particular, postdocs. Around 20 professors and scientists of the GC-I³ have come together for this purpose.

If you are interested in our activities please sign up for our mailing list and complete a short survey, which will help us, to tailor our events perfectly to your needs and wishes!

Stay connected: Networking and information as well as exchange of reagents and devices.

PhD students and postdocs as well as external invited speakers present their projects.

The annual get together of the GC-I³ Young Academy where you can exchange ideas about research and career questions.

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